Decency May Win the Battle for Ukraine, but Lose the War

Ukraine’s Victory Owes a Major Debt to Western Might

What’s happening in Ukraine is very human, the result of resolve and belief on the part of a very brave military and citizenry. It is also a war of armaments being produced by two competing systems: Russia’s and that of “the West” (whatever that term really means).

The Institutions of the West are Susceptible to Subversion

It’s nice to see NATO support Ukraine, but I can’t help but imagine how things would be different if the former US president had succeeded in pressuring a few Secretaries of State to invalidate election results, stalled certification of the vote, and refused to leave office.

The Real Cause We’re Supporting May Not Be so Pure

As I mentioned above, there is a stark difference between Ukraine and Syria or Ethiopia. I can’t help but notice that we have been very quick to rally to the cause of a country full of white people. And not just any white people, but a lot of blonde, blue-eyed white people.



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Giuseppe Borghese III

Giuseppe Borghese III

I want to build a better human. One that can survive the troubles of our own making. One less insufferable than the narcissistic monster of today.