It’s All Over But the Shooting— Russia has Lost the Fight It Itself Picked

  • Despite amassing all its forces in the eastern part of the country, Russia has barely made any progress. It kind of looked like it was advancing in places, but progress has been glacially slow at best. Ukraine may even be starting to roll back those gains. What there is no sign of in any of the informal reporting is a clear, sustained takeover of Ukrainian-held territory in the Donbas.
  • Ukrainian forces continue to destroy Russian armor with incredibly precise artillery and drone strikes. I acknowledge that we aren’t seeing a representative sample of both sides’ fighting, but what I can say is: I’ve seen a lot of documented success on the Ukrainian side.
  • Ukraine is striking targets you would think would be safe. How humiliating is it for Russia to be losing assets across the border in Russia? Russia has lost maritime assets (Ukraine has no navy). Ukraine hasn’t just sunk Russia’s battleship — it bombed Russia’s installation on the island that that very battleship told to surrender or die.
  • Russia still hasn’t subdued all of Mariupol, and even worse for Putin — they keep trying. How much materiel has Russia wasted on Azovstal after Putin told his forces to seal it off and stop trying to storm it? An intelligent army would contain it and move on. Not Russia! It just keeps bombing away, when those bombs could presumably do a whole lot more good in the Donbas. And just what does it mean that the military is ignoring Putin’s publicly stated order to stop attacking the plant and seal it up so tight that not even a fly can escape? My theory: the chain of command is just that undisciplined, which is a pretty fatal flaw for executing effective strategy.
  • Ukraine is getting intelligence and arms from other countries. Look at what they’ve done with pea shooters and Soviet munitions. Now they’re getting NATO gear. Lordy.
  • Russia keeps losing generals.



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Giuseppe Borghese III

Giuseppe Borghese III

I want to build a better human. One that can survive the troubles of our own making. One less insufferable than the narcissistic monster of today.